Airbus (Eurocopter) AS332 c1e

Due to its lifting capacity of the helicopter Eurocopter AS 332 C1e is most suitable for air operations, UN missions and other international organizations, as well as thrives in hot climates and high altitudes. Main tasks:
transportation of passengers,
transportation of heavy cargo on the external load,
work on high voltage lines.
Eurocopter AS 332 C1e is equipped with a fully integrated digital instrument panel and equipped with autopilot, before installed only on models AS.

Medium twin-engine helicopter Eurocopter AS 332 C1e is designed on a modular concept with the possibility of quick changes. The machine has an increased range, speed and payload is large (up to 4.3 tonnes). The model is equipped with a powerful GTD MAKILA 1A1 and avionics of the latest generation 4-channel autopilot. In Eurocopter AS 332 C1e inherent complex of the most effective solutions that combine high performance and advanced technology, optimizing the ratio of the load and fuel consumption.

The maximum weight 8600 kg / 9350 kg (with external load)
Payload 4115 kg
Capacity: 2 pilots / 17 passengers (in configuration “Comfort”) Maximum weight of the external load: 4500 kg
Engine 2 Turbomeca MAKILA 1A1 Power at emergency mode (one engine inoperative): 1400 kW / L. S. 1877
Cruising speed (at maximum weight) (at maximum takeoff weight – sea level – ISA) 262 km/h / 141 node
Range (maximum weight) (at maximum takeoff weight – sea level – ISA) 772 km / 417 nautical miles

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