Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350 B2

Eurocopter Airbus AS350 B2 Ecureuil – multipurpose helicopter developed by the French company Aerospatial (now Eurocopter group). The helicopter is the current industrial modification of the helicopter, based at modification Eurocopter Airbus AS 350 BA Ecureuil. The helicopter boasts a more powerful engine, upgraded transmission and larger diameter tail rotor.

The helicopter was certified in April 1989. There is a military modification of the helicopter, which was designated Eurocopter Airbus AS 550 C3 Fennec with retractable landing gear, sliding doors, night vision devices and the reservation of seats for the pilots and propulsion.

Modification :
AS.350B-2 Ecureuil multipurpose helicopter.
AS 550C3 Fennec version for the French armed forces.
Squirrel HT Mk1(2) version for the UK Ministry of defence.

Modification AS.350B-2
The diameter of the main rotor, m 10.69
The diameter of the tail rotor, 1.86 m
Length,m 12.94
Height ,m 3.14
Width, 1.80 m
Weight, kg
empty 1171
normal takeoff 2251
maximum take-off 2500
Internal fuel, l 540+475
The type of GTE engine 1 Turbomeca Arriel ID1
Power, kW 1 x 546
Maximum speed, km/h 287
Cruising speed, km/h 248
Operational range, km 666
The rate of climb, m/min 534
Practical ceiling, m 4800
Static ceiling, m 3200
The crew, pax 1
Payload: 5-6 passengers or 1080 kg of cargo in the cabin or 1160 kg on the suspension.

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