Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350 b3e

Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350 Of b3e
Leader in its class
The powerful helicopter Eurocopter Airbus AS 350 Of b3e is characterized by excellent technical flight characteristics and is
intended for fulfilling the most complex problems under the most extreme weather and geographical
conditions. Helicopter Eurocopter Airbus AS 350 Of b3e – leader in its class because of the exceptional load capacity,
polyfunctionality, increased flying range and high cruising speed.
Specifically, helicopter Eurocopter Airbus AS 350 B3 established world record, after carrying out landing on the mountain peak
everest (8 850 m). In this case the helicopter established the record of rate of climb, after reaching the
altitude of 3 000 meters in 2 minutes 21 second.
Priceless operating experience
The model Eurocopter Airbus AS 350 Of b3e enters into the family of the reliable and excellently recommended itself
helicopters Of ecureuil of the company Of airbus Of helicopters. In 98 countries of peace for 1600
operators were set about 4 900 helicopters the general attack of these helicopters it composes more than
22 million hours.
At present in the world are exploited more than 900 helicopters of model Eurocopter Airbus AS 350 B3. They actively are used
for the accomplishment of mission under the conditions of high mountain region and hot climate, where
technology with the high flight performances is required.


Crew: 1-2 pilot
Seating capacity: 5-6 people
Length: 12,94 m
Fuselage length: 10,93 m
Main rotor diameter: 10,69 m
The tail rotor diameter: 1.86 m
Height: 3,14 m
The area of the swept rotor: 89,75 m2
Wheel track: 2,17 m
Empty weight: 1175 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 2250 kg
suspension: 2800 kg
Volume of fuel tank: 540 l (+475 l additional tank in cab)
Powerplant: 1 × turboshaft Turbomeca Arriel 2B
Engine power: 1 × 847 HP (1 × 632 kW)
The size of the cargo compartment

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Length: 2,42 m
Width: 1.65 m
Height: 1.35 m
Floor area: 2,6m2
Flight characteristics

Maximum speed: 287 km/h
Maximum speed: 259 km/h
Practical range: 661 km
Service ceiling: 5280 m
Static ceiling:
using the effect of the earth: 4260 m
without the use of ground effect: 3630 m
Climb speed: 10,3 m/s
Disk load: 30,6 kg/m2 (with suspension)
Thrust: 222,2 / 181,8 W/kg (without/with the suspension at maximum takeoff weight)