Airbus (Eurocopter) AS355 NP

Eurocopter Airbus AS 355 NP is the latest version of the successful family of twin-engine Ecureuil helicopters. The model is designed to perform a variety of transport tasks in the civil sphere.

The helicopter set rare for this class of twin-engine scheme, whereby the machine is certificated in category a, that is, may continue the climb and level flight even with the failure of one engine. It is worth noting that certification As a requirement for flying over cities in Russia and Europe. In addition, the power plant of an engine equipped with a digital control system (FADEC), which makes the helicopter extra security and optimizes fuel consumption. The Eurocopter Airbus AS 355 NPis considered to be the most affordable twin-engine helicopter in the world market.

The machine is adapted to the severe Russian conditions, can operate in temperatures from -40 to +35 °C. Due to the presence of two engines and the installation of the autopilot, the helicopter can be equipped with avionics for flight rules instrument flight (IFR).

In the passenger cabin will comfortably accommodate three to six people.

Weight characteristics

Maximum take-off weight, kg 2600
Maximum takeoff weight with external load, kg 2800
Dry weight, kg 1490
Payload, kg 1110
Maximum take-off weight load, kg 1134
Maximum fuel, kg 577
Auxiliary fuel tank, 375 kg
Average fuel consumption, kg/h 182.00
Power plant

Manufacturer Turbomeca
Model Arrius 1A1
Number 2
Takeoff power, kW 343
Cruising power, kW 305
Flight performance

The flight range, km 731
Maximum speed, km/h 278
Cruising speed, km/h 222
Economical speed, km/h 218
The maximum flight altitude, m 6100
The maximum time of flight hrs 04:35
Layout dimensions

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Maximum number of passengers 4-6
The crew 1-2
Luggage compartment volume, m3 1.00

Length, 0.90 m
Width, m 1,65
Height, m 1,30
Size of the helicopter

Fuselage length, m 10,93
The height of the fuselage, m 3,14
The width of the fuselage, 1,87 m
The diameter of the main rotor, m 10,69
The diameter of the tail rotor, 1,86 m