Airbus (Eurocopter) EC130 T2

Eurocopter Airbus EC130 T2 – single-engine helicopter Ecureuil family, developed by Eurocopter specifically for corporate transportation.

This helicopter has the widest passenger cabin in its collection, which is in the Executive version accommodates six passengers and one pilot. Ergonomics of the passenger cabin, excellent visibility the cab, the use of modern technologies and materials – all this helped to create a reliable, safe and comfortable helicopter for business people.

Eurocopter Airbus EC130 T2 is considered to be the quietest dishwasher in its class. The design of the helicopter is widely used composite materials that can reliably protect the fuselage from corrosion and greatly facilitate its weight, thus reducing the cost of its operation.

The helicopter boasts tail rotor типаFenestron – a unique development of Eurocopter. Tail rotor is built in a circular tunnel, which protects it from the ingress of foreign objects and reduces the noise level and vibration.
High safety provide digital engine control system (FADEC), and a backup control unit automatically controls the engine in case of total failure of both digital channels of the FADEC.

Weight characteristics

Maximum take-off weight, kg 2500
Maximum takeoff weight with external load, kg 3050
Dry weight, kg 1412
Payload, kg 1088
Maximum take-off weight load, kg 1500
Maximum fuel, kg 426
Auxiliary fuel tank, kg
Average fuel consumption, kg/h 153.00
Power plant

Manufacturer Turbomeca
Model Arriel 2D
Number 1
Takeoff power, kW 710
Cruising power, kW 638
Flight performance

The flight range, km 616
Maximum speed, km/h 247
Cruising speed, km/h 236
Economical speed, km/h 222
The maximum flight altitude, m 5425
The maximum time of flight h 04:12
Layout dimensions
Maximum number of passengers 4-7
The crew 1-2
Luggage compartment volume, m3 1,10
Length, m 0,89
Width, m 1,87
Height, m 1,28
Size of the helicopter
Fuselage length, m 10,68
The height of the fuselage, m 3,34
The width of the fuselage, 2,03 m
The diameter of the main rotor, m 10,69
Diameter the tail rotor, 1,00 m

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