Airbus (Eurocopter) EC145

Eurocopter Airbus EC 145 combines in itself the newest technical achievements of the company. One of them – the hinge-free rotor with the monolithic titanium bushing, wonderfullyrecommended itself in the course of operation.

The basic components of helicopter have the significant service life between repairs, which ensures the moderate cost of maintenance and it makes it possible to substantially reduce the dead time of helicopter for the technical reasons Eurocopter Airbus EC 145 is equipped with two powerful and reliable engines Of turbomeca Of arriel of 1E2, which in combination with the lift system of the helicopter ensure outstanding flight performances and essential power reserve even with the work on one engine.

The reliability of twin-engined diagram supplement
completely the separate fuel system, duplicated up hydraulic system, dual electrical system and reserve of
the lubrication system of main drive shaft. With the development of helicopter by priority there was the
safety of operation, which was reflected in such technical solutions as the energy-consuming fuselage
construction and of armchairs, and also ruggedized fuel sections.
Helicopter Eurocopter Airbus EC 145 is certified on the category “A” of class 1.

Eurocopter Airbus EC 145 – multi-purpose helicopter, developed a Franco-German company “Eurocopter”. The updated version has the name MBB BK 117. First flight MBB BK 117 was held in 1982. An updated version of the Eurocopter Airbus EC 145 built using composite materials.

In 2006, a military version of the Eurocopter Airbus EC 145, was ordered to the army of the United States. The deal involves the supply of 345 helicopters. The total cost (including maintenance and repair) is about $3 billion.

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3 may 2011 Kazakhstan company “Kazakhstan Engineering”, an analogue of the Russian state Corporation rostec, has signed an agreement formalizing the establishment of a joint venture Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering which will be engaged in the Assembly and customization in Astana Eurocopter Airbus EC 145helicopters.

December 1, 2011 the presentation of the first two helicopters Eurocopter Airbus EC 145, collected on the LP “Eurocopter Kazakhstan” and performed test flights. As of December 2011 near Astana is being built plant for the production of helicopters EC-145 and the Center for training of flight and technical staff for the regional needs of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Completion is scheduled for may 2012. The planned capacity of the plant is up to 10 aircraft a year.


Crew: 1-2 pilot
Passenger capacity: up to 9 passengers
Length: 13,03 m
Fuselage length: 10,19 m
Main rotor diameter: 11.0 m
The tail rotor diameter: 1,96 m
Maximum fuselage width: 1.84 m
Height: 3.96 m (with tail rotor)
The area of the swept rotor: 95,03 m2
Wheel track: 2.4 m
Empty weight: 1 792 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 3 585 kg
The mass of the external load: 1,500 kg
The mass of fuel in internal tanks: 694 kg (maximum)
The volume of fuel tanks: 867,5 l
Powerplant: 2 × turboshaft Turbomeca Arriel 1E2
Engine power: 2 × 738 HP (2 × 550 kW (takeoff))
The size of the cargo compartment

Length: 3,42 m
Width: 1.4 m
Height: 1.22 m
Size: 4,72 m2
Useful volume: 6,8 m3
Flight characteristics

Maximum speed: 278 km/h
Cruising speed: 256 km/h
Practical range: 705 km (239 km/h)
Duration: 3 hours 55 min.
Service ceiling: 5 485 m
Static ceiling: 5 485 m
Static ceiling at maximum takeoff weight:
using the effect of the earth: 2 925 m
without the use of ground effect: 370 m
Climb rate: 16.3 m/s
Disk load: 37,7 kg/m2
Thrust: 205 W/kg (on transmission at maximum takeoff weight)