Airbus (Eurocopter) EC175

Eurocopter Airbus EC 175 and Avicopter Z-15 – French and Chinese versions of the multipurpose helicopter joint development. At the exhibition Heli-Expo in Houston, the company “Eurocopter” 24 February 2008 announced that according to calculations of analysts over the next 20 years can be sold 800-1000 of these helicopters. The contract for the development of the helicopter was signed on 5 December 2005, the first Eurocopter Airbus EC 175 has operated its first flight on 4 December 2009.

The EASA certification was planned for 2011, the delivery of the first serial helicopters should begin in 2012. Eurocopter Airbus EC 175 is optimized to perform civilian tasks, as corporate and VIP transport, search and rescue, police, sanitary, maintenance of oil and gas companies, etc.

Design and production preparation was carried out according to paperless technology in CAD/CAM. “Eurocopter is responsible for the main gearbox, tail rotor, avionics, autopilot, hydraulic and electrical systems, doors, glazing, and is a system integrator. The first and third prototypes assembled “Eurocopter”. “Avicopter is responsible for the fuselage, tail and intermediate gearboxes, main rotor controls, fuel system and chassis. Engines equipped with a digital control system FADEC. Main rotor – five-blade type Spheriflex, antitorque – lobed. Option for oil and gas industry is designed for 16 passengers. Cabin floor is flat, no step between the cockpit and passenger cabin. Instrumentation the cab on the principle of “glass cockpit” avionics Suite is close by on the Eurocopter Airbus EC 225.

The first Assembly line of helicopters was organized at the factory “Eurocopter in Marignane, France, the start of the second Assembly line is expected in three to four years. During the exhibition Heli-Expo 2008″ the company “Eurocopter” has collected firm orders for 111 helicopters Eurocopter Airbus EC 175 from 13 customers, including the companies Bristow Helicopter” and “VIH Aviation Group” (two starting client on the machine), “DanCopter”, “Era Helicopters”, “Halvorson Group and Global Vectra Helicorp”, “Heli-Union”, NHV, “HNZ Helicopter Group”, “Pegaso” and “UTair Aviation”.

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Chinese version of the Z-15 is produced in parallel with the Eurocopter Airbus EC 175, the army of the people’s liberation army (PLA) plans to buy the helicopters in 2015-2020 for the replacement of helicopters type Mi-8, Sikorsky S-70, Harbin Z-8 and Harbin Z-9.

Length,m 13.68
Height ,m 3.47
Weight, kg
maximum takeoff 7000
Engine type 2 Turboprop engines of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67E
Power, kW 2 x 1491
Maximum speed, km/h 280
Cruising speed, km/h 250
Operational range, km
with standard fuel 740
with additional fuel tanks 1300
Practical ceiling, m 6000
The crew, 1-2 pers.
Payload: up to 16 passengers or cargo weighing 2038 kg